Story Snippets

The Adventures of Lavender Mouse

Lavender Mouse woke this particular morning feeling very disconnected and very strange indeed.

Now where am I, she asked herself? Her back was cold. Where was the warm hand atop her, guiding her this way and that, clicking and double clicking, making images and sounds appear in a kaleidoscopic flurry. The surface below her was rugged, she could not roll with it.

Her tail was limp. Was it even alive?  No electric impulses flowed through it, no sharing-seeking information excited by its visibility.  Her means of sight, her means of hearing, her means of learning blocked.  Would she again be tickled by words like crash and trash? Tikki-tikki tembo or the delicious sounding psychedelic? Where am I now????

What was that? Something bright. A bright flash. This was not coming through her tail.  The sensation was in the front – the place where fingers rested. She always looked forward to someone coming into her space. The sensations of tapping, rolling or double-clicking tickled her.  Looked? What did “looked” mean? This looking was different. It must mean something different.

There it was again. A brightness. Did she now had a head? Could she see? Did she have eyes?

She blinked. Blinked??? Yes! Blinked.  People saw images on the screen-thing, but her seeing always came through her tail.  She had not been outfitted with eyes of her own ….

But blinked? These were her own eyes, and they could BLINK!!!

Yes, these were her own eyes—seeing—seeing all around her.

Now where was she?????